TW Sci Fi flashback: Blake’s 7 S04E01 Rescue

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By Owen Quinn Blake’s 7 season four was the one which wasn’t supposed to happen. Legend has it, the series was due to end at Terminal,the season three climax which saw the Liberator destroyed, the crew stranded and the apparent death of Servalan. It was only when an end credit … Continue reading

TW reviews Big Finish Blake’s 7: Drones

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By Owen Quinn I always get excited when I see a story has been written by Marc Platt.He is one of my favourite writers and should be writing for the Doctor Who television series. And here, he tackles Blake’s 7 as we continue on from last month’s adventure.It saw the … Continue reading

TW defends the wobbly set from Who to Trek and beyond


By Owen Quinn It has become a sad reality that the audiences of today have become somewhat spoilt. What with their CGI improvements, CGI sets, CGI characters, everything seems so alive and seamless. We now have living breathing dinosaurs by the dozen. I was there when the T- Rex blasted … Continue reading

The Time Warriors stand with Blake’s 7


From 1978 – 1981, British science fiction fans had a delicious alternative to the time travelling antics of the Doctor. And surprisingly it came from the pen of the man who created the Daleks. Terry Nation, who also wrote Survivors about an Earth trying to survive after a virus wipes out most of the … Continue reading