People on the Path interview the Time Warriors


Get inside the head of the world of the Time Warriors with the brand new interview with Jason Conway on the his brand new website People on the Path. Just click on the link below.

The Time Warriors: Journey So Far video Part 1

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Here’s a bit of fun that my friend Stephen Mohan put together for me chronicling what makes me such a big sci fi fan and all these celebrities have gone in some way to inspire the stories you read today Enjoy!

The Time Warriors amazon book review

1 The Time Warriors - FINAL - COPYRIGHT OWNED BY OWEN QUINN - 1250 pixels for Kindle (5)

First Footsteps “Ancient races of gods, alien invasions and abductions, dangerous genetic experiments, mind altering activities, young people exhibiting strange, dangerous powers (although considering the title, surprisingly little actual time travel at this stage), The Time Warriors is strictly old-school pulp-style in its science-fiction serial treatment, a series reminiscent of … Continue reading

Following the Nerd Time Warriors interview

3 Red Water - copyright owned by Owen Quinn

  The guys at Invasion Belfast Blogspot got the chance to interview The Time Warriors author Owen Quinn about his books, autographs and other things. It was so good, we had to bring it to you all…Q: What was your inspiration for the ‘Time Warriors’ novels?A:  The Time Warriors books began when … Continue reading