People on the Path interview the Time Warriors


Get inside the head of the world of the Time Warriors with the brand new interview with Jason Conway on the his brand new website People on the Path. Just click on the link below.

The Time Warriors: Journey So Far video Part 1

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Here’s a bit of fun that my friend Stephen Mohan put together for me chronicling what makes me such a big sci fi fan and all these celebrities have gone in some way to inspire the stories you read today Enjoy!

Exclusive extract from The Time Warriors Trinity


TW brings you an exclusive extract from one of the stories from the upcoming short story collection, The Moon Once More. TRINITY   It slashed through space, its hull grey and pitted, engines pulsing in rapid movement. It moved with quiet determination, its conical shape almost invisible against the backdrop … Continue reading

Time Warriors new story extract: The Skull

By Owen Quinn Work continues on new adventures for the Time Warriors and here just for all you lovely people,an exclusive extract from the start of a brand new story, The Skull!   Image created by Alan Delaney THE SKULL   The jungles of Peru spanned for miles, dense impenetrable … Continue reading

The Time Warriors, the site where not only the famous get featured

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Time Warriors is no longer just a book series; it now stands as the site where new talent can come and promote themselves on every level of the arts. The helping hand you always wanted is right here. Whether it be comic book writing, acting, model making, make up artists, photographers or … Continue reading