Robert Englund says Hi to V fans Mother ship Connecticut


Robert Englund is Freddy Kruger to everyone but for me and the V community globally he will always be the good Visitor Willie. Recently he visited Belfast for Belfast Film and Comic Con and sent them this very special message. A little present for Charles and all the guys from … Continue reading

TW asks: Why did Clara not recognize Missy?


By Owen Quinn So the woman in the shop gave Clara the Doctor’s direct phone number to ensure they ended up together. Many speculated it was either River Song or another version of Clara herself but as we discover in Dark Water/Death n Heaven, it was Missy otherwise known as … Continue reading

TW asks: How could the 12th Doctor be in Day of the Doctor?


By Owen Quinn There is no doubt in the universe that the climax of the 50th anniversary with the multitude of Tardises converging to save Gallifrey from destruction was thrilling.  All the Doctors coming together to change history and right a galactic wrong, saving the Time Lords to give them … Continue reading

TW asks: If the 11th Doctor was the final incarnation, why did he regenerate in The Impossible Astronaut?


By Owen Quinn There are things I really shouldn’t think about but I can’t help it. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer who is always trying to keep a story loop hole free. Add to that I have been such a long term fan of Doctor Who, blips in logic … Continue reading

TW asks: Is Doctor Who Threatened By Its Own Past?

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By Joe Gardner For a programme with the concept of ‘change’ a core value in its heart, it would seem strange that Doctor Who could be beset from fulfilling its potential by being reined in by its own history.  But, even at what is arguably its creative peak, could the BBC’s … Continue reading

TW asks: Why was the 12th Doctor obsessed with was he a good man?


By Owen Quinn The word was they wanted to make the new Capaldi Doctor a darker, more unfriendly incarnation of our favourite Time Lord. They did indeed succeed in doing that. I wasn’t comfortable with it because the Doctor has to be someone you would drop everything to fly off … Continue reading

Storage Hunters’ Sean Kelly meets Star Wars A new spin off Storage Wars?


Storage Hunters star and creator Sean Kelly landed at MCM Comic Con in Dublin today and met fans of the hit show. Sean greeted and delighted fans along with his wife Lori and among those he met were two Star Wars characters from 501st Ireland Garrison. Check them out below.

Fanboy and Being Human star Sam Huntington goes Star Wars in Dublin


Star of Being Human USA and Fanboys, Sam Huntington go to meet more Star Wars characters in Dublin earlier today. As you may recall Fanboys was a movie that saw a group of friends on a mission to let their terminally ill friend see The Phantom Menace before he dies. … Continue reading

Irish authors release new collaboration. Are you ready for the Trinity of Fear?


  Here it is. Trinity of Fear is a collaboration between Joe Barclay and Paddy Lennon to showcase author talent in Ireland. As well as the Time Warriors epic Experiment Four, it includes a brand new story from me, Zombie Blues which will change your mind about our walking dead friends. Paddy and Joe … Continue reading