Magic Moment: Doctor Who Robot: I’m the Doctor, the definitive article!


The third Doctor was dead, gone defending the universe against giant spiders and so came forward the fourth Doctor, all curly hair and teeth and well…slightly mad. This was the beginning of the reign of the fourth Doctor which would define the series and help break the show into America. … Continue reading

Magic Moment: The Stolen Earth: Calling the Doctor!


What’s not to like about this Magic Moment? Davros and the Daleks have stolen the Earth and 26 other planets and the Doctor cannot find it to stop them. He is lost, defeated but they haven’t counted on his companions coming together to give the Doctor a way in. Torchwood, … Continue reading

Magic Moments: The tenth Doctor is shot and regenerates in The Stolen Earth


What makes this scene a magic moment here on TW is the fact no one saw it coming. The Daleks and Davros have stolen entire planets and the Doctor and Donna have been desperately trying to find them. Meanwhile the Doctor’s old companions on Earth, Sarah, Jack, Torchwood, Martha and … Continue reading

Magic Moment: Torchwood Children Of Earth: We Want The Children


Torchwood Children Of Earth saw viewers treated to a week long story where the secrets were revealed and sacrifices were made, big sacrifices. The entire world is held hostage by an alien species,the 456, who because of a deal Jack made with them in 1965, have returned with one mission … Continue reading

Magic Moment: Doctor Who: City of Death: Is no one interested in history?


The highest rated Doctor Who story of all time and quite simply a brilliant tale that sees the Doctor and Romana dealing with the alien Scaroth stealing and creating forged Mona Lisas via his splintered body across time itself. He needs to go back in time to prevent his ship … Continue reading