The Time Warriors villains – The Collector

Every show needs a villain. For every Doctor, there’s a Master, for every Battlestar, there’s a Cylon and for the Time Warriors, it’s the Collector. We first meet him in Book 1 First Footsteps in the story tombs of Ether when Tyran is kidnapped by an organic ship and taken … Continue reading

The Time Warriors characters: Michael

Okay, admission time- the character of Michael in the Time Warriors is basically me. A writer will always use parts of his or her experience and personality traits to make their characters come alive and sort of immortalize themselves to some degree. In the original version of Wail of the Banshee Michael is the … Continue reading

The Time Warriors characters: Varran

Before I begin please remember that I created these characters and series when I was sixteen years old and now at a portly 43 nothing has really changed in regards to story or characters except one facet of Varran’s character that Russell T Davies cam up with in Captain Jack … Continue reading