People on the Path interview the Time Warriors


Get inside the head of the world of the Time Warriors with the brand new interview with Jason Conway on the his brand new website People on the Path. Just click on the link below.

The Time Warriors: Journey So Far video Part 1

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Here’s a bit of fun that my friend Stephen Mohan put together for me chronicling what makes me such a big sci fi fan and all these celebrities have gone in some way to inspire the stories you read today Enjoy!

The Time Warriors: What is sci fi with a heart?

I have always tagged the Time Warriors books as si fi with a heart. But what does that mean exactly? Well, for me sci fi, indeed any story can’t work unless you have some sort of human element in it. By that I mean  anyone can write about alien invasion … Continue reading

The Time Warriors story breakdown: Meltdown

In book 3 Red Water, Michael, Jacke and Varran discover a planet where a solitary outpost has been wiped out. On first inspection the aliens have murdered each other in the most brutal fashion. The source may be a strange device but before they can investigate the outpost explodes. Arriving back at … Continue reading

The Time Warriors: Behind the book covers: Tempest

Long before David Tennant announced his resignation from the role of Doctor Who and Russell T Davies said to himself that Gallifrey should come back above the Earth, let me make it very clear that I came up with a similar idea over twenty years ago. Tempest was always the end of the first … Continue reading

The Time Warriors behind the covers book 2 Red Water

Now here’s the interesting one. Originally for this one I wanted something akin to the old Marvel comic book covers where the likes of the Hulk and the Thing would have a severe punch up. The cover would be similar to that. Sasquatch and the monster going head to head, blood, sweat and … Continue reading

The Time Warriors: The pseudo historicals

In case you didn’t know what a pseudo historical story is, it’s a story where you use a historical setting and maybe a well known character and throw in some sci fi/ fantasy element. The movie Outlander is a good example of this where a man from another world  crashlands among the Vikings and they … Continue reading

The Time Warriors story breakdown: Summer’s End

Ever wondered how certain things got started? I did about Halloween; where all the traditions came from and who came up with them. I knew after watching Robin Hood Prince of Thieves that I wanted to use the Celts as they were more than vicious warriors but a well rounded, … Continue reading

The Time Warriors story breakdown The Voalox Horror

Victorian London has always been a favourite setting for stories of mine. It’s a place of mystery and legend where unnatural killers roam and society is on the brink of change. It is adorned with secret societies and closed doors behind which unspeakable things happen. So for book 2, the Voalox Horror … Continue reading

TW story breakdown: Cavalandria

This is the first time that a villain has returned to the Time Warriors universe. At the climax of Tombs of Ether, the Collector whispered to Tyran he knew where Earth was but we discover that he has been delayed as they find him a prisoner of the Landrians, huge mink like … Continue reading