TW comic review: Zombie B.C. Dog of the Dead. This ain’t no Lassie Come Home! `


By Owen Quinn Writer Stephen Vold Lead Artist Steven Williams Cover artist Malcolm McClinton In the first issue of Zombie B.C. we saw cavemen battle the undead as a zombie virus is unleashed. Now finally is the second issue and I was slightly jarred when we leap to present day. … Continue reading

TW comic review: Innocent Tales Issue 3


By Owen Quinn Green Monkey is back with a brand new third issue. They are self published and a platform for new and upcoming talent so what did they deliver this time round? First up is Tug of the Mind. Written By Gavin McCumiskey, colours by Eoin Hurrell and art … Continue reading

TW reviews Gavin McCumiskey’s Innocent Tales issue 2


By Owen Quinn All good stories should be a reflection of some aspect of the human psyche. The Twilight Zoe did it so well as did Star trek and what the Time Warriors also strive for. Without the human aspect, you don’t connect to the reader. The first Innocent Tales … Continue reading