People on the Path interview the Time Warriors


Get inside the head of the world of the Time Warriors with the brand new interview with Jason Conway on the his brand new website People on the Path. Just click on the link below.

The Time Warriors: Journey So Far video Part 1

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Here’s a bit of fun that my friend Stephen Mohan put together for me chronicling what makes me such a big sci fi fan and all these celebrities have gone in some way to inspire the stories you read today Enjoy!

The Time Warriors origins: my dad, Owen Quinn

 Sometimes the biggest influences are closer to home than you think and in my case it was only recently that I came to discover this fact. You can be the biggest fan of a million things but it’s your childhood and life experiences that make you write like you do and spur you on to … Continue reading

The Time Warriors origins: Colin Baker

Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you my first love has always been Doctor Who. Even when it was bad I can find something good in it. I was never one of those that slated the show via various fanzines and anti producer campaigns. I think the true story of … Continue reading

The Time Warriors origins: Nichelle Nichols:Uhura

Where do you get your ideas from is a question every writer is asked at some point and the answer is different for everyone. For me it began as a desire to add something to the world of science fiction, something that could stand shoulder to shoulder with all the … Continue reading

The Time Warriors Origins: Birth of a Warrior

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People always ask how do writers get their ideas so I’m going to tell you how the Time Warriors came about. I am the ripe old age of 42, nobody believes I’m 27 anymore, but the Time Warriors began back when I was 16, in the days when Colin Baker … Continue reading