People on the Path interview the Time Warriors


Get inside the head of the world of the Time Warriors with the brand new interview with Jason Conway on the his brand new website People on the Path. Just click on the link below.

The Time Warriors: Journey So Far video Part 1

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Here’s a bit of fun that my friend Stephen Mohan put together for me chronicling what makes me such a big sci fi fan and all these celebrities have gone in some way to inspire the stories you read today Enjoy!

The Time Warriors: What makes a good villain?

Now that’s a question every writer faces whether they are working on books, comic, games or scripts. There are so many great villains out there from James Bond’s pussy stroking Blofeld to Darth Vader to Davros, the creator of the Daleks in Doctor Who. But what makes them so special … Continue reading

The Time Warriors the Numarans

In book 1 of the Time Warriors First Footsteps, we meet a race of aliens living aboard a huge crystalline ship headed on a course to Earth. Return to Eden introduces the Numarans which fall into the lost history theme of the stories. Long ago they were an a civilization that ruled part of the Earth. … Continue reading

The Time Warriors: The Soogara are coming

In an upcoming adventure the Time Warriors will face a new enemy, the Soogara. In the upcoming story, Trinity, ancient Ireland will be the battleground for the future of Earth when the Soogarans invade. Readers will meet two types, the adults and the children known as Younglings. The adults are … Continue reading

The Time Warriors villains – The Collector

Every show needs a villain. For every Doctor, there’s a Master, for every Battlestar, there’s a Cylon and for the Time Warriors, it’s the Collector. We first meet him in Book 1 First Footsteps in the story tombs of Ether when Tyran is kidnapped by an organic ship and taken … Continue reading