TW goes to the movies: Willow Creek DVD review


Starring Alexie Gilmore  Bryce Johnson  Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait PG 15 Running time 76 minutes Ok, so I was impressed by the innovative movie poster with Bigfoot covered in lost victims’ faces and have been hearing good things about Willow Creek. But I heard good things about Bigfoot The Lost Tapes too and … Continue reading

TW review Enterprise season 4 Blu Ray set


by Neill Stringer  All video and photo copyright Paramount Pictures Brannon Braga has stated that Enterprise’s first season should have been the fourth season. Perhaps if it was maybe Enterprise would have gotten its full seven year run on television. Season Four follows on the game changing third season with … Continue reading

TW review Doctor Who Web of Fear DVD.The Yeti are back!


By Owen Quinn I fell in love with this story the minute I saw the Target book cover back in the days. It was a haunting, creepy story of an alien menace in the London Underground. In many ways, it was the base under siege story and if you have … Continue reading

TW reviews Star Trek Enterprise: Season 3 Blu Ray Review

By Neill Stringer This is the season that Star Trek: Enterprise turned around. It was also the first time that Star Trek ever did a season long arc. When Enterprise was on the air television was changing, episodic television was giving way to more serialised story telling. In TV events … Continue reading

TW reviews Doctor Who and the Moonbase DVD


By Owen Quinn The reign of the second Doctor continues with this latest release. Unfortunately this story is missing two episodes but they have been replaced with animated versions which I have to say really work. The images of the animated Cybermen marching across the moon landscape are simply stunning … Continue reading

Star Trek The Next Generation Season 5 Blu Ray review


By Neill Stringer People who know me, know that I cannot stop going on about how much I love Star Trek: THe Next Generation on blu ray. Now on the fifth season in the remastering of the show I cannot contain my enthusiasm for the latest bunch of adventures to … Continue reading