Star Trek:Isolation news round up: Stan Lee joins cast


  A message for you guys from the makers of Star Trek: Isolation. Here’s our MAJOR big news; Fan films such as Trek Isolation and Starship Farragut happen because of YOUR support…YOUR enthusiasm…YOUR imagination…and we at Together Brothers Productions and Farragut Films thrive on it! That is why it is … Continue reading

Star Trek Voyager: Was Janeway right to strand her crew in the Delta Quadrant?


By Owen Quinn photo copyright Paramount Pictures I have to say, looking back on Voyager, I wouldn’t have been too happy if Janeway had decided to strand me in the Delta Quadrant but while the decision was justified throughout the series, did their final episode Endgame negate all that had … Continue reading

Times Gone By: Star Trek Voyager’s Robert Picardo


ArcadeCon 2014 saw the arrival of Star Trek Voyager’s Robert Picardo, the ship’s holographic doctor. I was excited about meeting him but not only for Trek reasons but for the Howling. He played the psychotic villain werewolf Bob and the special effects on that were ground breaking, so much so … Continue reading

A Lost Era of Klingon History – Star Trek : The Final Reflection

final reflection

By Joe Madden While looking back 30 years into the past for my 1984 movie retrospective Setting the Way-Back Machine, I came to realize that this is not only the 30th anniversary of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, but also one of the finest Star Trek novels I have ever read. So for … Continue reading

TW book flashback: Star Trek The Next Generation:Requiem


By Owen Quinn The original Star Trek episode, Arena, debuted the reptilian alien species the Gorn and they became an instant classic. It saw Kirk forced to battle the lizard Gorn by powerful beings called the Metrons after a Federation outpost, Cestus Three,  is destroyed in a seemingly unprovoked attack. … Continue reading

Times Gone By: Majel Barrett Roddenberry


  Although Nichelle Nichols is regarded as the Queen of Star Trek, Majel has the most unique insight into the Star trek universe from day one. She was the first female commander under Captain Pike’s command until the networks made him redo the pilot and get rid of her. She … Continue reading