Owen talks to Irish actor, Mark Hutchinson, a man with a big future

Mark Huthinson
By Owen Quinn
We are always on the look out for new talent especially homegrown and we caught up with actor Mark Hutchinson from Dublin who gives us his insight into the highs and lows of the life of an actor. He will soon be filming the Street, a hard hitting drama for Hood Up Films. Hi Mark, can you tell us about yourself?
I’m Mark Hutchinson,a Professional Actor born in Dublin.
Where you involved in Amateur dramatics growing up?
My first involvement in acting came in Primary School when I was cast as William Tell in “William Tell”.
      I must have done something right as the next school play was “Jack and the three wishes” and I was cast as Jack!
What sort of movies and actors influenced you growing up?
 I remember as a kid been totally absorbed by movies like “Stand By Me” and “The Goonies”,but one Movie that sticks out above all others is “Angels wit Dirty Faces”.I’m a big James Cagney fan and this movie had a huge effect on me. As I got older I began to follow closely the careers of actors like Gabriel Byrne,Brendan Gleesen,Colin Farrell and of course Daniel Day Lewis.
What made you pursue Acting full time?
The seed was sewn when I was in the school plays but football was just a much more feasible option.I went straight from school boys football into League of Ireland with St Patricks Ath. But after 5 years in LOI it became clear there was no future there for me,accompanied by a double leg break,I decide it was time to come back to my first love,Acting.I took on a part-time course in Gaiety School of Acting and once completed they convinced me to go for their Full-time 2 year course,and that’s when it all really start to get serious.
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What was your breakthrough part in getting profile raised?
A little short called “Drowning Rats”.It was my first role after graduating from Acting school,a super talented group of young film makers came together and cast me as their lead Dean.It went on to be screened by RTE on national television,so it was a great success for all involved.
How hard is it in this country to get yourself noticed?
There’s a danger in graduating from fulltime Acting School and thinking you’ll walk into jobs as your now a fully trained Actor.The reality is anything but!!!So coming up to my final months,prior to graduating,myself and a class mate already had firm plans to make our own short films.If no one would hire us,we’d make our own work.The first reason for this was to create our own work and to learn our craft from both sides of the camera,and secondly to get enough material to put a showreel together.This proved a very valuable avenue in the process of getting out there as a new and unknown actor in the industry.
What platforms do you use to promote yourself?
Social media is huge thing these days,be it Facebook or Twitter.You have access at your finger tips to Thousands of people,along with appearing in the daily news papers and of course your hoping your Agent is working hard championing you on your behalf.
Can it be a disheartening career choice?
You have to remain positive,and most so when your experiencing the heart break of rejection.You just have to believe in what it is your offering as an Actor,dust yourself off and continue to be brave in your choices.
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Your playing Pat Lally in the upcoming feature film ”The Street”.What can you tell us about that?
Not a lot I’m afraid,I don’t receive the full script for anther couple of weeks,but I do know Pat Lally is a Bad Boy ex Boxer who runs  ”The Street” and has some cracking scenes in the movie.Also that the story line will be gritty and very true to the current scene in Gangland Ireland.Its already signed up by UK distribution Company Metrodome for a DVD release in 2014 a great sign that it is already a very solid script.
Your the Lead in the horror Movie “Somebody’s There”.Can you tell us about it and when can we see it?
“Somebody’s There” is the story of 7 friends who head out into the wilderness of Conemarra on a weekend break to celebrate the first anniversary of the untimely loss of their friend Brendan.They bring along an amateur camera man to record the event as a gift to Brendan’s Family.Without giving to much away,if this weekend went perfectly as planned,there wouldn’t have been a movie!!! :)
 Does making these movies give you an insight to the entire process to the point where you’d like to write and direct your own features?
Yes,it most certainly does that,and I will definitely write and direct in the future.I love the creative process.From a character to life to the whole logistics of how you make a scene come together.
What would be your ideal role?
For me its the journey.Where has this person came from and what where they about long prior to them appearing on the script.Is he a product of his environment or has he created this life for himself,his family,his friends,his habits ect ect. There’s so much to discover that’s not in the script and for me,if you use this process to pin point everything,down to your character’s favourite colour,the inevitability is the Ideal Role will find you!!!
What advise would you give to any budding Actors out there?
Take the Courses,Do the training,Read the books,Take notes on EVERTHING good OR bad.Commit to what your doing and be brave in your choices.
Where can people find out more about you?
Twitter – @MarkHutch10
Also on IMDB and Facebook.
Click below to see Mark in the music video for the BibleCode Sundays with Mickey Rourke, Robbie Keane and Steve Collins.
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