Magic Moment: Doctor Who: Susan leaves the Doctor

th (3)Companions leaving are old hat by now but back in the sixties when Susan left the Tardis it was a shock to fans. Carole Ann Ford was written out but how to get rid of the Doctor’s own granddaughter? Well, the Doctor himself decides it’s time she left and made roots with freedom fighter David Campbell, a freedom fighter who had helped free Earth from the Dalek invasion. Now remember she may look like a fifteen year old but with a time Lord you can never tell so Susan may have been in our aging terms much older. So it may be that the Doctor knew if she didn’t go now she may never leave his side and make a life for herself. So he made the decision for her. Now it’s interesting as it seems to indicate that humans and Gallifreyans can mate. But what makes this a magic moment is not only is it the first departure but the speech the Doctor gives which would be used again for the twentieth anniversary story the Five Doctors. And it’s the final shot of Susan’s discarded key lying in the dust as she walks off to a new life that makes it even more poignant. To date the Doctor has never kept his promise to return, at least on television but one day…….

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