Stargate writer argues for a TV return for the show.



We’re huge Stargate fans here at TW and we just loved it when the show became a global phenomenon especially when the Stargate movie guys disowned it. That was a better middle finger that Miley Cyrus brandishing a sponge one. So given the news Roland Emmerich has reportedly approached movie studios to do a new trilogy, television series writer Joseph Mallozzi, who served as both writer and executive producer on all three franchises. Joseph argues that rather than a movie, the show deserves to be reimagined on our television screens. Now, despite the success of the Star Trek movies, many have said they want the cast to return to the small screen for more Trekking, something I have to agree with. He also thinks that it may alienate fans despite bringing in a new generation of fans and Stargate is a different show completely to Star Trek.

Joseph, if you’re reading this, then the Time Warriors are completely behind you. Stargate Universe went too soon and became a classic, unmissable show in its second season so that is a show we want a resolution too. Who else is with us? Stargate for new TV series campaign begins here!

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