Horrible Science brings amazing 3D effects and all that’s squishy and disgusting in science

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Birmingham Stage Company, producers of the popular Horrible Histories shows, will bring their latest touring show, Horrible Science to the Grand Opera House from 1 to 5 October. Horrible Science is an exciting stage version of the hugely popular Horrible Science books by Nick Arnold, illustrated by Tony de Saulles. It features audience participation throughout.


Audiences will witness lots of squishy adventures with reluctant school boy hero, Billy Miller, played by actor Iain Ridley. With their help, Billy will battle his way through all sorts of different science areas from the Horrible Science Adventure World when the all powerful computer, TIM takes it over. To stop TIM destroying the whole world, the audience must work with Billy, facing dreadful dangers and putrid puns and encountering fatal forces such as gravity, electricity and magnetism. They’ll learn to defeat some menacing 6ft high bacteria and other microbe monsters who want to inflict their killer diseases on humans and they’ll show Baron Frankenstein how the different parts of the body fit together.


Using actors and amazing 3D Bogglevision special effects, BSC’s Horrible Science show, attempts to find the awful answers to important questions such as why do we produce 50,000 litres of spit in a lifetime – enough to fill 100 baths? Can you fight deadly diseases and beastly bacteria just using an egg? Can you survive the Bathroom of Doom and the Toothbrush of Terror – when in just a few hours one bacterium can produce 100 million copies of itself to infect your towel, flannel, toothbrush and even your hands!


Horrible Science is suitable for families audiences aged 6+ and covers much of the Key Stage 2 Science curriculum. Unlike the classroom setting, the show deals with these topics in such unusual and hilariously disgusting ways that whether the audience are science lovers or haters, they’ll witness a theatre production like never before and learn lots of new and important facts.


Horrible Science is directed by Phil Clark with designs by Jacqueline Trousdale, lighting by Jason Taylor, music by Matthew Scott. The cast includes: Alison Fitzjohn, Iain Ridley, Gary Wilson & Amanda Wright.


The Horrible Science books have sold over 15 million copies in 27 different languages world-wide and won scientific and literary awards including the Rhone-Poulenc Prize in 1997, the Aventis Prize in 2004, ZSL Thomson Reuters Record Award for Communicating Science in 2010 and this year the Blue Peter Best Book with Facts Award.


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