TW talks to Ralph L Angelo Jr, author of The Cagliostro Chronicles


By Owen Quinn

Today we talk to Ralph L Angelo Jr, a sci fi fan and author who has taken his love of the genre and created a brand new universe in a new sci fi epic, the Cagliostro Chronicles. Here Ralph tells us how the book came about, what his plans for the future of it is and shares his best advice for budding writers  Hi Ralph, thanks for talking to us today. Can you tell us about yourself?  

Sure, my name is Ralph L. Angelo Jr. I’m in my mid 50’s, I’m an avid motorcyclist (NOT biker), skier, guitar player, and of course author. I live in New YorkState, in the USA.

What scifi did you watch growing up?

Star Trek, Lost in Space, Voyage to the bottom of the sea, Space 1999, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Invaders too many more to remember.


What is it about the genre that makes it such a wide canvas for storytelling?

Well in sci-fi anything goes really. Whether you are telling stories of space exploration or robots being built and turning on their masters, or shrinking down to microscopic size, etc. It’s all sci-fi. My favorite would be the futuristic sub-genre.


Have you always been writing?

I dabbled as a kid. I had that mind that could wander on space adventures, building to something definitive.


What was the inspiration for the Cagliostro Chronicles?

Wow this could go so far back. I had this idea over 20 years ago, actually closer to 30 now about a corporate owned space ship that was not under the orders of the Government. There was no real inspiration beside what I came up with. Of course Star Trek inspires everything when it comes to space flight media. It’s really become all pervasive. So I’ll go with Star Trek, also thinking ahead from that point, we’re still in a very clunky era of space travel as of right now. Everything is slow going at a snail’s pace for us in reality. Nothing’s really glistening and shiny. This book kind of takes us in that direction. The Cagliostro is a beautiful ship. It looks like a manta ray. Inside its bright and clean and new.




Can you tell us a little about the story?

Mankind’s first faster than light space flight may be its last. Mark Johnson, CEO of Johnson aerospace and a handpicked crew of adventurers will take a leap beyond the light speed barrier into adventure and the dangerous unknown to uncover a vast conspiracy out among the stars that seeks to crush the earth and its inhabitants in a claw of evil!


In such a well flooded market, what did you do to make your work different to other sci fi stories?

Well it really stands on its own merits. It’s very fast paced, it does not bore. Its characters are multi-dimensional. They’re not cardboard cutouts. Everyone is against them, and they are all alone, literally. They are out in space thousands of light years from earth, in the fastest ship ever constructed, possibly anywhere in the universe, against this mysterious alien conspiracy. If they get captured by their enemies they have to rely on themselves, if they get hurt or wounded or in a space battle with other ships there is no one looking out for them at all. They are alone.  They are even branded as traitors back on earth. They are truly alone out there.


Do you think that it’s in your settings and characters that make books work even if there are similarities to other sci fi works eg starships, aliens?

In space faring sci-fi there are always going to be aliens and spaceships otherwise it’s going to become very boring very fast. It’s a huge universe out there, fraught with possibilities; you have to play with those possibilities, otherwise what’s the point?


How long did it take you to complete the book?

About 4 months


What was the biggest lesson you learned about writing doing this book?

Stick with what you are doing, don’t doubt yourself, let the book write itself, it’ll all come out the way it should.


What platforms do you use to promote yourself?

Twitter, facebook, various services that push promotion  such as ‘Independent author network’, ‘independent author news’, ‘indie authorland’, ‘indies unlimited’, ‘goodkindles’


What advice would you give to any budding writers? 

Very simply, write. Keep writing, set yourself a goal whether its 500 words a night or 5000 and stick to it.


What are your plans for future books in the series?

I’ll start writing the next one in another month or two. It’s going to be an open ended series, as there will be no set number of books. Whatever the market can bear that’s what I’ll write.


Where can people find put more about the books and where can they buy them?

My website is, my direct amazon authors page is, and of course they can all be found on, and



What sort of writer are you, a regimented one or do you just let the zone take you and write when inspiration strikes?

I’m sort of between the two. I write (At least I try to) every night of the week, I strive for 2000 words a night. I usually write a thousand, take a break and write a thousand more. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, but that is what I set myself.

Owen thanks for contacting me and asking me to do this, it’s appreciated.

You’re very welcome and as always keep us up to date about your new projects.

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