TW asks: Why did Clara not recognize Missy?

580384_140018532855289_1981072644_nBy Owen Quinn So the woman in the shop gave Clara the Doctor’s direct phone number to ensure they ended up together. Many speculated it was either River Song or another version of Clara herself but as we discover in Dark Water/Death n Heaven, it was Missy otherwise known as the Master. A nce twist that dispelled all speculation but why didn’t Clara recognize her? Yes we know that Missy/Master is an expert in disguise and Missy does a mean Cockney accent but surely someone that gave Clara that number would stick in your head? Given the extraordinary life it opened up to her, that face, no matter what the accent, would have stood out. If someone dd something kind for me or helped me out,  know I’d at least have a flicker of recognition when we next met if ever. But when Clara sees Missy, not once is there any hint they have met before. Is it me or was making Missy the mysterious phone number giver a clumsy attempt to tie in something that was actually meant to be left as a mystery? For me, it was.

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