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11203118_1592083644407236_6814144221429861712_nBy Pete Hernandez III

Supergirl has apparently lost half the audience it had for the pilot and yet it’s still rating higher than any of the more established super hero shows, pulling in about 8 million viewers whereas Flash does a little over 3 mill and Arrow does 2.5 mill. Agents of Shield does about 4.5.

All fun shows, all enjoyable almost every week, especially The Flash. The Flash is never not fun.

Arrow has managed to pull itself out of the poophole that was its last season and found some new ground by easing up a bit on the mood and the guy-liner. The best actor on that show, like on The Flash, is the un-powered dad-cop.

On both shows, those veteran actors can really bring in when the scene s calls for some power, some real emotion. The rest of the cast, on both shows, are pretty and service the scripts, keeping things fun and moving but no one really ACTS. The shows rely on plots as heavily as they do the characters. Not a bad thing just an honest observation.

Supergirl works primarily because of Supergirl at this point. The actress Melissa does a great job of making you care for her and her growth as a person and hero. Calista Flockhart is actually funny at times and a good tv bitch when she needs to be but hints at some depth in the character we haven’t seen yet, but you can tell its there. Jimmy Olsen is cool and smooth, and Winn is the light-hearted comedic relief that just needs more jokes. The FX are very cool for a tv show the one thing that’s really missing is the environment. The city Supergirl lives in should be called GenericVille. There’s nothing to it except that its bright and shiny, t has no personality and that could simply be becuae the show is only a few episodes into its run and needs to expand the background and have the characters frequent certain sets more often until we feel familiar with their world as in The Flash, Star labs, the coffee shop, the police precinct, etc. Arrow has their lair and Flashback island, not much but it does serve to ground the world they’re in a bit.

Agents of Shield has grown but still the best characters / actors are Coulson and May, the rest are like seat fillers servicing their lines but not really engaging you to the point where you care what happens to them on a personal level the way you do The Walking Dead characters. That show can make you love and feel for a character in one episode. Just look at Morgan’s origin episode to see what I mean (Eastman).

The comic shows, much like the comics they’re based on rely more on plot that character development, FX and villain cool factors over palpable drama, and that’s cool but it pays to call a spade a spade, as the saying goes.

Junk food, in small doses, is good for the soul. Every sow doesn’t have top be the heavy meal TWD is week in and week out. Sometimes you just need a bit of fun to get you through your day and the superhero shows do just that.




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