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  1. shea says:

    Good stuff, great book

  2. freda hughes says:

    read a draft of owens book when I worked with him… had me crying when he killed off one of the characters…. well done and good luck…. FRED

  3. ryan wade says:

    hey man the page looks great love your work the artwork and storys are amazing

  4. eoin says:

    great stuff owen keep up the good work ,great coverage as well

  5. We love Owen’s work and this website is fab!
    Great stuff altogether!

  6. Paul says:

    excellant site, fantastic books and all round top guy! Good luck with the new site

  7. colin downey says:

    when i first started to read book one,i must be honest it took me awhile to get into it,but it then took off and it was a fantastic journey to the unknown,one thing i must say is that the book leads on to the rest of the books and the stories are thrilling and scary in some parts , what an imagination and well written novels, i cant wait to read more of these novels as soon as they are published

  8. richard cushnan says:

    owen, im a bsg and star trek fan and after starting to read your time warriors i couldnt put it down. great storylines, love the characters! best of luck with it, all sci fi fans will love it!!

  9. Elainequinn says:

    Owen is a brilliant author i no him personally and he puts his whole being into writing these books they are excellent and thoroughly enjoyable he has such a great creative mind these books need to be made into a film love the website keep up the good work

  10. Dave says:

    Hi owen the site looks brill I especially like the picture of revan ;) well done buddie

  11. Martin Munce says:

    owen the site looks amazing , keep up the good work :D , well done

  12. Matt Magee says:

    Well layed out and easy to get arround. I’d visit this sight again.

  13. Darragh McCool says:

    Love the web site and love the books, I just wish I had more time to read the books but from what I’ve read I’m really enjoying it :) keep up the good work Owen

  14. supa fem says:

    owen the site looks fab, congratulations and keep up the good work :)
    well done

  15. Sparkykelly says:

    Great work on the site. Some really good tips in regards to helping up and coming writers. Keep it up. Look forward to the continuous updates.

  16. Ciaran says:

    Well layed out website and easy to navigate, good stuff :)

  17. Paul Malone says:

    Great website Owen Love it…. Loads of Fanboy stuff to look at and read. Keep up the good work your doing mate..

  18. Leanne says:

    Website is great, really easy 2navigate around. Brilliant to see a local author get the positive coverage he so truly deserves. Keep up the great work Owen!

  19. Owen’s love of sci-fi, especially Doctor Who, is more than apparent in this series. A passionate tale of humanity’s last hope, The Time Warriors has yet to find it’s place in sci-fi greatness.

    • Rajesh says:

      genome468 on January 14, 2011 i checked out your site. not bad. its done prttey much like craigslist so i enjoyed the familiarity. A question tho. how long has the site been up? This can grow to be a big thing just like craigslist.. good luck to ya

  20. Donna Dornan says:

    I, m new to these books but my hubby had so highly recommend them , I thought check them out , find out what’s the hype. Iying beside a pool sun beating down & i, m totally engrossed in First Footsteps , getting to know Varran & his team.At times I looked like a looney laughing & smiling to myself cause of something I just read about nuts :O, r sitting quite sad because children r been punished for there parents mistake & finding out about how poor Jacke suffered…….I was hooked :D I then started book 2 The Voalox Horror again I laughed I cried , poor Michael & the tough decision he had to make……U get to meet so many new characters some very good & some sooo down right evil :( you go back in time….Jack the Ripper , You travel to other planets & you get so immersed with what happens in these worlds , Mr Quinn is quite descriptive , you really feel that you our going through all this with them & I trully love how he writes. Mini stories that our going to come to a climatic explosive finale , but hey getting ahead of myself just finished book 3 Red Water , we have Indians , Sasquatch , vicious skinwalkers (twilight wolves r sooo tame ) & celts & huge spider like mentara oh my :O Now starting book 4 Tempest , will let you know how this is going…..So excited I want to be a Time Warrior. Alittle extra I think these books would make a epic tv series , they would totally rival Dr.Who & Torchwood. I would highly recommend The Time Warrior series , so glad I read them :D

  21. Donna Dornan says:

    Owen Quinn is a very talented writer , i look forword till reading more of the Time Warrior series …….Keep up the good work :D

  22. Warren Blair says:

    Website looks fantastic!! Keep up the good work!!

  23. Mr Wolf says:

    Great stories written by an expert, really deserves a wider audience, keep us posted on the upcoming new books

  24. Deborah says:

    Nicely laid out site, your stories aren’t something I usually read but now I have, bring on the next ones- QUICK!!

  25. Sean Leckey says:

    Well done, love the articles, really helped me decide to buy these books and so far, epic, hope the word spreads quickly

  26. Trisha says:

    Have to agree with last comment, very entertaining and vividly written stories, love the characters, poor Michael in The Survivor and Jacke’s secret in Soul Scream was so touching

  27. Dee says:

    Didn’t know you had it in you, great imagination, enjoyed Summer’s End and can’t wait to read book 4 Tempest to see how it all ends.

  28. Treena says:

    absolutly fantastic Owen. I was never a fan of this sort of stuff but acctually its grown on me. how much are you selling the books for. let me know asap :)

  29. Gerard says:

    Just finished Return to Eden. Have to say i thought the story was superb and the writing style drew me in and really made me visualise the situations and the characters and gave me a sense of being there with them. Really enjoyed it, cant wait to see what lies ahead…

  30. Gerard says:

    Getting more into the books now and i’ve just finished Tombs of Ether. Again, just like the other stories the writing is first class, you feel as if you are right there with the characters. I liked Sril and the Vorg being introduced to the story, particularly Sril, when he transforms into the cat like creature and then we hear of how Tyran had killed the cat when she was younger I initially thought this was the reason for Srils transformation into this creature, sort of her past coming back to haunt her in a way and subsequently Tyran is ‘absolved’ of this ‘sin’ by helping the Etherians escape The Collector.


    PS If a movie is made of this one day the Paul Bettany would be perfect for the role of The Collector! lol

    • thetimewarriors says:

      I like your thinking but this never even occurred to me when I was writing it but I love that the story is connecting with you on this level. Not only are you being entertained but you’re thinking about it. Please continue to tell people what you think as you go.

  31. Gerard says:

    Finished Experiment 4…

    WOW! Favourite story so far.

    Love the introduction of Rosie the Pub landlady and the pay off at the end of her getting to go meet John Wayne on set of one of his films was the perfect end to her story arc.

    One of the parts of the story i liked was the part where Ernie died, he ‘fell into the arms of his wife and son’, i picked up right away at this part Ernie was dead and the way Owen has written it and not actually described his no doubt gruesome death, i thought was beautiful. He had went home to his family.

    As far as the main story with the time warriors goes the most interesting part for me was that the Black Ops soldier was a Xereban, does this mean then that all the Black Ops soldiers who were killed on the beach are Xereban or just this one guy? And if they where then what were they doing there? And what part do they play in the rest of the story??!!

    So many questions!!!!


  32. Harry McMahon says:

    I have just finished Book 1 and have decided to keep on reading the next book. So that has to say something about the quality of the writing in that I am happy to spend real money on it. Owen has blended some of the best of all my favourite Sci Fi genres and made them his own. Great descriptions and it’s nice to have some of the stories and characters set on our wee emerald isle. I heartily recommend all Sci Fi fans to give it a go. You will enjoy the stories as well as the nostalgia as you recognise a lot of your favourite sci fi, but with an Irish twist. Well done Owen.

  33. Karl Dornan says:

    Just finished book 5 of The Time Wariors, Venom…
    Fantastic!!! Loved it…
    I think this stand alone book has to be the best one yet… Nice spin on the old Vampire legend…
    Keep at it Owen, I look forward to the next adventures of The Time Warriors…

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  35. Johnny says:

    Awesome site Owen. Thanks again.

  36. I just could not depart your site before suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard info a person provide for your visitors? Is going to be back often in order to check up on new posts

  37. Owen, not are you an exemplary human being you are also a serious talent. I thoroughly loved First Footsteps. Varran is an amazing character! I feel truly lucky to have met you, if briefly in Belfast and I hope to see you again soon. Dragons of Azrael looks fantastic.

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