Crytek announce New Co-op Shooter HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age


By Adam Waugh Akroview Crysis creators Crytek have just announced their take on the Left4Dead style 4 player shoot-em up with HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age. Whilst this seems to be a generic thing in games nowadays I have high hopes for this addition to the genre. Giving … Continue reading

Fallout 2′s HUMONGOUS Install on PC.


By Adam Waugh via Akroview So Call of Duty: Ghosts is gonna be an estimated 40 gb install when it released on the next gen consoles, whilst this seems to be the norm and doesn’t deserve any adjective to really emphasis the size of the install then it’s quite … Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed Movie Set for 2015 Release


By Adam Waugh from Akroview It seems as thought the eagerly awaited Assassins Creed movie has been delayed until August 2015 according to a statement made by Fox to the Hollywood Reporter. We all knew that Micheal Fassbender was taking up the role of the Assassin but which one … Continue reading

Adam from Akroview reviews Tiny Death Star Review (Android)

wpid-tiny_death_star Who knew that running the Death Star was so tough. No wonderful Darth Vader was trying to lure Luke over to the Dark Side, he wasn’t trying to rule the galaxy he was just trying to spread the workload of the Mos Espa bar. TDS is essentially a business … Continue reading

Adam from Akroview reviews Batman: Arkham Asylum (Pc)


By Adam Waugh I will just put this out here and say it, I have never been a Batman fan, I have never read the comics, worn any t-shirts but I have seen every film and am torn between the Tim Burton and the Christopher Nolan portrayal. But now … Continue reading