TW watch Doctor Who Review SO9E02 The Witch’s Familiar

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Throughout the history of popular culture, the most cherishable aspect of any hero/villain dynamic is the opportunity for a chin wag.  Those quieter moments when two foes put down their swords and have a chat.  True of Holmes and Moriarty and Batman and The Joker across all incarnations, Steven Moffat … Continue reading

TW watches Doctor Who The Magician’s Apprentice S09E01


By Joe Gardner Doctor Who has finally recovered from its hitherto vow to contain all stories to a single, forty-five minute block with this week’s series opener The Magician’s Apprentice; first of a two-part story starring the Twelfth Doctor and companion Clara Oswald which announces the rebooted show’s revamped mission … Continue reading

Doctor Who Continuity Mistakes: Doomsday


By Owen Quinn My God, what a climax to David Tennant’s first season as the Daleks and Cybermen clash in the Torchwood institute before hordes of Skaro’s children, trapped by Time Lord technology, invade London’s skies and start battling legions of Cybermen on the streets below. This is one of … Continue reading

Doctor Who Monster DVD Collection review


Out today is a new series of Doctor Who DVDs and although it may seem a cash in, they are in fact a great way for new fans to explore the Doctor Who universe before Christopher Eccleston took the reins. There are six in the range,each featuring iconic monsters and … Continue reading