501st Ireland Garrison meet Weird Al Yankovic: First time in Belfast ever


  Legend Weird Al Yankovic recently played his first ever concert in Belfast. For hs famous Star Wars piece The Saga Begins , set to the tune of American Pie, he was joined by members of th 501st Ireland Garrison as his backing dancers. Check the out in the video … Continue reading

What happens when the Empire can’t provide crutches.


They say The Empire are a bit stingy and see their stormtroopers as disposable. If you think about it you’ve never seen any medical personnel to help with troopers who have been wounded and here’s proof. Injured in the line of duty, this poor Stormtrooper Commander had to use his … Continue reading

TW talks to Australian 501st Legion member, Sarah Hillier; Chewbacca is alive and well


By Owen Quinn Can you tell us about yourself?  Sarah Hillier, 46 years old, have a regular 9 to 5 corporate job, married 18 years, 2 kids – live in Sydney, Australia.   When did your passion for Star Wars begin? I saw the original movies in the cinemas back in … Continue reading

Marvel announces 3 new Star Wars comics


Marvel have announced three new Star Wars comic titles. First up is an ongoing series featuring all the classic characters following the battle of Yavin. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by John Cassaday. Just like the old days guys. Also coming is a five part Princess Leia mini series … Continue reading

Bandai reveals new Star Wars figures


At a recent Tokyo Toy Show, Bandai revealed new articulated Star Wars figures. They gave audiences their first look at a new Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. But the most exciting reveal was a samurai Darth Vader which looks stunning. Check them out below. photos copyright Hobby.search and popcrtica.com