TW asks: How could the 12th Doctor be in Day of the Doctor?


By Owen Quinn There is no doubt in the universe that the climax of the 50th anniversary with the multitude of Tardises converging to save Gallifrey from destruction was thrilling.  All the Doctors coming together to change history and right a galactic wrong, saving the Time Lords to give them … Continue reading

TW talks to Doctor Who super cosplayer, Bob Mitsch


By Owen Quinn Can you tell us about yourself? I’m a creative person at heart who loves Comics/SciFi/Fantasy and Film/TV of all sorts. I was raised on a steady diet of both American and British Pop Culture, which had a huge impact on me. I’m from the midwest, but currently … Continue reading

Rassilon’s plan explained! How End of Time fits into Day of the Doctor

By Owen Quinn all photos copyright BBC I often get a bit frustrated by continuity and storylines but it”s rare that it gets me to the point where I have to analyse them and see how they fit together. In the recent 50th Doctor Who anniversary special, the Day of … Continue reading

TW watch the Day of the Doctor: was it everything we hoped for?

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  By Owen Quinn Oh and how did I watch it? In a hotel room with my family, no crowds, no popcorn, no 3D; just a family watching a man in a magic box as they did fifty years ago when it all began. And there’s no better magic then … Continue reading