Star Wars Ewoks meets EastEnders at MCM Belfast Comic Con


  By Owen Quinn EastEnders stars Shane Richie and Jesse Wallace who played Kat and Alfie Moon gained new fans today in the shape of Ewoks. Appearing at MCM Belfast Comic Con, Jesse fell for one of the 501st Ireland Garrison’s youngest Ewoks which she tweeted to fans last night. … Continue reading

Galactic Academy Endor Campus Ireland Ewok’s dance to Parrell William’s Happy

watermarked-moon 013

Photo and video copyright Owen Quinn 2014 These two Ewoks from the Galactic Endor Academy Campus Ireland love to dance as seen in Return of the Jedi. So a recent expedition to Hillsborough Oyster Festival gave them a chance to show those skills off once more to the tune of … Continue reading

501st Ireland Garrison and Heroes Unite troop in Donaghadee

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By Owen Quinn Photos copyright Owen Quinn 2014 No reproduction or copying without author’s permission The 3rd July saw Heroes Unite, 501st Ireland Garrison and the Time Warriors teamed up for a charity troop for the Donaghadee Summer Festival. Characters from Star Wars including Jar Jar Binks entertained the crowds … Continue reading