TW watch Doctor Who S09E05 The Girl Who Died

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It seems that series 9 of Doctor Who is able to deliver two-parters even when it isn’t.  Bear with me; The Girl Who Died seems to strike a compromise on Steven Moffat’s new format by being simultaneously a self-contained adventure, wrapped up in forty-five minutes as is New Who’s tradition, yet … Continue reading

TW watch Doctor Who S09E3/4 Under The Lake/Before The Flood

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If the sequence of words ‘Two-part base-under-siege story with ghosts’ doesn’t ring any sort of alarm bells then you probably haven’t seen enough Doctor Who.  To say the format has been done to death would be a disservice to the concept of death itself.  But New Who veteran Toby Whithouse seems fully … Continue reading

TW asks: Why did Clara not recognize Missy?


By Owen Quinn So the woman in the shop gave Clara the Doctor’s direct phone number to ensure they ended up together. Many speculated it was either River Song or another version of Clara herself but as we discover in Dark Water/Death n Heaven, it was Missy otherwise known as … Continue reading

TW watches Doctor Who The Magician’s Apprentice S09E01


By Joe Gardner Doctor Who has finally recovered from its hitherto vow to contain all stories to a single, forty-five minute block with this week’s series opener The Magician’s Apprentice; first of a two-part story starring the Twelfth Doctor and companion Clara Oswald which announces the rebooted show’s revamped mission … Continue reading

TW asks: Why was the 12th Doctor obsessed with was he a good man?


By Owen Quinn The word was they wanted to make the new Capaldi Doctor a darker, more unfriendly incarnation of our favourite Time Lord. They did indeed succeed in doing that. I wasn’t comfortable with it because the Doctor has to be someone you would drop everything to fly off … Continue reading

TW TV flashback Doctor Who Last Christmas: A cracker or a turkey?


By Owen Quinn With such a dour Doctor, could this even begin to be a happy Christmas? Add to that the entrance of Santa Claus himself, I was wondering how exactly they would keep every child’s belief alive in the jolly man that makes their wishes come true every year … Continue reading

George Michael for Doctor Who Christmas special?


Ok, I’m joking. George really isn’t going to be in the first Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Christmas special but Last Christmas is the title of the special due on Christmas Day next month. So what does the title mean? Is this the Doctor and Clara’s Last Christmas together? Or the … Continue reading