TW talks to Sarah Douglas, from Superman 2, Conan, V and beyond


By Owen Quinn Photos copyright Sarah Douglas Official Facebook She literally blew movie goers away with her performance as Ursa in Superman too as she fought alongside General Zod against Christopher Reeve’s iconic Superman. But Sarah Douglas’ career is much, much more.She has worked alongside the greats and made her … Continue reading

Stargate writer argues for a TV return for the show.


  We’re huge Stargate fans here at TW and we just loved it when the show became a global phenomenon especially when the Stargate movie guys disowned it. That was a better middle finger that Miley Cyrus brandishing a sponge one. So given the news Roland Emmerich has reportedly approached … Continue reading

TW looks back at Stargate and the Children of the Gods


Everyone fell in  love with Stargate, the movie starring fan favourite Kurt Russell and James Spade in which an ancient alien device, the Stargate, a giant ring, was found in Egypt and brought to the United States for study in a secret underground base in Cheyenne Mountain. It lead Jack O’Neill and Daniel … Continue reading