Storage Hunters’ Sean Kelly meets Star Wars A new spin off Storage Wars?


Storage Hunters star and creator Sean Kelly landed at MCM Comic Con in Dublin today and met fans of the hit show. Sean greeted and delighted fans along with his wife Lori and among those he met were two Star Wars characters from 501st Ireland Garrison. Check them out below.

What happens when the Empire can’t provide crutches.


They say The Empire are a bit stingy and see their stormtroopers as disposable. If you think about it you’ve never seen any medical personnel to help with troopers who have been wounded and here’s proof. Injured in the line of duty, this poor Stormtrooper Commander had to use his … Continue reading

TW talks to a Wolffe down under, 501′s Achilles Zsolti

unnamed (13)

By Owen Quinn Photos courtesy of Sarah Hillier Can you tell us about yourself? I’m a 33 year old Melbournian. I’m a data analyst by trade and the proud father with 3 daughters all under the age of 5. I have a sizable collection of Star Wars merchandise and in … Continue reading

Bandai reveals new Star Wars figures


At a recent Tokyo Toy Show, Bandai revealed new articulated Star Wars figures. They gave audiences their first look at a new Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. But the most exciting reveal was a samurai Darth Vader which looks stunning. Check them out below. photos copyright and

TW chats to monster maker, Chris Stephens


By Owen Quinn Can you tell us about yourself? I am married with 2 children. I work part time in the civil service and part time  illustrator, but have since moved away illustration work and now make masks based on my favourite movie characters   What is it about Star … Continue reading

Meet Anthony Paladino, 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment,

photo by Sarah Sturges

In this interview we travel back to America to meet Anthony Paladino, a 501st member who dons the classic Stormtrooper armour but did you know the Stormtroopers have their very own section. Here we find out exactly what 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment is all about, why no two Stormtroopers look … Continue reading

TW chats to Trooper Dredd aka Tom McKenna from the 501st Ireland


By Owen Quinn As the hours to Dublin Comic Con tick away to the big weekend, we meet one man that will be there this weekend as two characters. He’s a member of the 501st Ireland Garrison and he’s usually a Stormtrooper but this weekend sees the debut of his … Continue reading

Steve Gaza, the man behind bounty hunter Dengar


photo courtesy of Matthew Crowley photography By Owen Quinn Time Warriors travel across the Pond once more yet another division of the 501st. We meet Steve Gaza, man that forms part of the evil bounty hunters first seen in the Empire Strikes Back. Here he tells us how his Star … Continue reading