Robert Englund says Hi to V fans Mother ship Connecticut


Robert Englund is Freddy Kruger to everyone but for me and the V community globally he will always be the good Visitor Willie. Recently he visited Belfast for Belfast Film and Comic Con and sent them this very special message. A little present for Charles and all the guys from … Continue reading

TW talk to the king and queen of Visitors Charles C Corrente and Adina Alexander

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By Owen Quinn Photos copyright CT-V: Connecticut Mothership Can you tell us about yourself?   C: I’m a proud dad of two children, a member of the 501st since 2002, formed the Connecticut Garrison in 2005 and have served as CO ever since. I work in the architectural field specializing … Continue reading

TW Sci Fi Flashback: V The TV Series Season 1 Finale

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By Owen Quinn Ok so here’s a quick recap. Most of the resistance has vanished from the series leaving Julie, Kyle, Elizabeth,Willy and Donovan to face the alien hordes. The Visitor lives have become the stuff of soap opera with ‘Darling’ flying higher than Joan Collins ever did. They sleep … Continue reading

TW Sci Fi Flashback: V The TV Series: S01 E18 The Secret Underground

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By Owen Quinn In this episode, Julie and Mike must go undercover aboard the mothership to find a scientist called Maitland who Julie was once in love with but left to become a doctor. Of course this opens up a rift between Mike and Maitland especially when Mike finds human … Continue reading

TW Sci Fi Flashback: V The TV Series: S01 E16 The Littlest Dragon

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By Owen Quinn Yet another original cast member appearance this episode round as we welcome back the baby lizard. Now let’s face it, if it hadn’t been for him back in the 80s on that cliffhanger that made millions sit up and go ‘WTF? She gave birth to a lizard!!!!!!!’ … Continue reading